232 Burwood road

croydon park

Sunday Service at 9am

Who we are


Campsie Chinese Congregational Church is an evangelical Bible-based church in the Campsie area. Established in 1995, we hold the Bible to be the Word of God and our highest authority on matters of life and doctrine. We subscribe to the Apostles’ Creed as our Statement of Faith.

Our ministries


Sunday 10:30 AM

english service

Sunday 9:00 AM

youth group

2nd & 4th Friday 7:30 PM

bible study

Sunday 10:30 PM

Our vision

To know Christ fully and to make Him known
Campsie Congregational Church

What we do

We aim to make disciples in the name of Jesus,
fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ in fellowship,
bringing people closer to Christ through contact with our church.

Meet Our pastors

Rev. Neil Clark

Rev. Neil has been preaching and leading Connect Groups in our church for over 15 years. He has vast experience in ministry, evangelism and teaching of the Bible.

Rev. Leung Sung

Rev. Sung is a seasoned pastor who assists the administrative side of all things in the church; he also regularly provides pastoral care and visitation to members in need.

Student Pastor Terren Sung

Terren is the student pastor of the church. She leads the youth and children's ministry in the English Congregation.


Running parallel to 9 AM English Worship for children from preschool to Year 6, bringing them to worship God and learn the Bible.


232 Burwood Road, Croydon Park 2133

(02) 9747 1151


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