2 August 2020
Series: Revelation

Revelation 6:1-8:5 The Seven Seals

Speaker: Neil Clark

As John continued to write ‘what is going to take place in the future’ he
views from heaven the beginning of God’s judgment upon the earth as
Christ opens the seals.

The 1st seal introduces the antichrist who rides on a white horse and
deceives many with talk of peace.

The 2nd seal introduces the red horseman that breaks the promise of peace.

The 3rd horseman will spread famine throughout the earth.

The 4th horseman wipes out one-fourth of the earth’s population.

The 5th seal introduces those who have died for their faith.

The 6th seal introduces catastrophic natural events on the earth.

The 7th seal provides a pause before the introduction of the
judgement of the seven trumpets.

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