25 April 2021
Series: Ezra
Topic: Blessed life

Ezra 7 The Life that God Blesses

Speaker: Neil Clark

This chapter introduces the author of the book, Ezra. His life provides us lessons on how and why God can really bless up.

1. We should all seek God blessing as our highest priority.

2. God’s blessing comes to those who study and obey His Word.

3. The study and obedience to the Scriptures is the foundation for teaching it to others.

4. The final end of God’s blessings to us should be to glorify God.


Reflective Discussion:

1. What does “God’s blessings” mean? Why is it crucial to define this concept biblically?

2. Is it selfish to seek God’s blessing? How do his blessing on me and His ultimate glory fit together?

3. Are all Christians required to be students of God’s Word? What about illiterate people or those who aren’t inclined toward book learning?

4. In what sense are those who are not gifted as teachers nonetheless required to teach others?

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