Ezra 4 Two Steps Forward and One Step Backward

Speaker: Neil Clark

Have begun daily sacrifices and the building of the temple the people of Israel were hindered in the completion of the temple by the people surrounding Jerusalem. Though we my start well in our Christian life we need to be aware of Satan’s strategies to hinder our spiritual development.

  1. The enemy tries to lure us into compromising of service under the guise of cooperation. V2
  2. The enemy uses discouragement to hinder our service. V3
  3. The enemy uses fear to discourage us. V4
  4. The enemy will use misinformation and false accusations to undermineGodly leaders. V5
  5. The enemy will use a coalition of forces to hinder the work.
  6. The enemy will use government forces to block advancement. V21

We need to use Biblical strategies to overcome the enemies tactics.

  1. Know the enemy. 2 Corinthians 2:11
  2. Resist the enemy. James 4:7
  3. Submit and draw near to God. James 4:7
  4. Persevere in the face of opposition.
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