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Topic: reward

  • 4 December 2019

    Series: Ruth

    In this chapter we read about Ruth’s testing, resting and final rewards.

    A cunning plan is hatched v1-3

    Leaving the decisions in his hands v4-5

    In the place of refining v6-8

    Leaving the decision to him v9-12

    Introducing to mystery closer relative v12-14

    Reward through refining v15-18

  • 15 November 2019

    There are many interesting characters in the Bible.
    Some we see them are recorded with their imperfections.
    Others we see living victorious lives.
    Today we are look at the character of Caleb.
    1. The spirit he possessed
    A spirit of faith, hope, self- denial, persevering and obedience.
    2. The course he adopted.
    He chose the path of consecration.
    3. The distinction he received
    He received a divine approbation and a glorious reward.

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