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Topic: money

  • 29 November 2020

    Speaker: Andy Tan

    Topic: money

    The parable of a rich fool:
    (1) The rich fool was foolish in failing to recognize where his wealth had come from.
    (2) The rich fool erred in his understanding of the purpose of wealth.
    (3) The rich fool was foolish in that he saw his possessions as his security,
    (4) The rich fool was foolish in his presumption.
    (5) The rich fool was foolish in holding a view of the future which was short-sighted and which excluded the kingdom of God.

  • 4 December 2019

    Series: Ruth

    Main point: God teaches us Ruth’s character in dealing with poverty, and the Christian kindness through Boaz’s character. We can trust in God fully and sits securely under his mighty wings like Ruth.

    1) Ruth’s gleaning in the field
    2) Boaz’s kindness
    3) Ruth sits securely under God’s mighty wings

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