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Topic: Christ's letters to seven churches

  • 19 July 2020

    Series: Revelation

    Jesus continues to give the proper complements and challenges to the local congregation because he knows their strengths and weaknesses.
    1) Message to Sardis: Return to Spiritual Life
    2) Message to Philadelphia: Be Sure of the Kingdom
    3) Message to Laodicea: Repent of Self-Sufficiency

  • 12 July 2020

    Series: Revelation

    Christ compliments the Ephesian Christians for their many good deeds but criticizes them because they no longer love each other as they used to. He also commends the Smyrnan Christians for enduring persecution and pledges them eternal life, even though their troubles are about to intensify for a short time. To the Pergamum Church, Christ commends them for maintaining their commitment to him, even though some there have perverted moral truths. A false teacher was leading many Christians of Thyatira to embrace open immorality, but an all-knowing, all-powerful Lord will punish her followers severely.

    1) Christ asks us to be a congregation of great love (Ephesus)
    2) Christ calls us to be steadfast in suffering persecution (Smyrna)
    3) Christ charges us to hold firmly to the truth (Pergamum)
    4) Christ commands us to live lives of moral purity (Thyatira)

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